Meeting with Thomas Le Borgne, educational referent of CALIP Skills.

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Thomas Le borgne - référent pédagogique CALIP Compétences

Meeting with Thomas Le Borgne, newly arrived as an educational referent at CALIP Skills.

Thomas, can you tell us about your background?

I started my higher education on a work-study program with a BTS Design of industrial products at Dresser-Rand, in Le Havre, where I was responsible for designing tools.

In the same company, I continued with a Professional license + CQPM Rotating machines under pressure in alternation to specialize in compressors and steam turbines (products manufactured at Dresser-Rand).

During this license year, I joined the quality department a few weeks. The activities of this service have me much more, so I decided to continue my studies by performing a CQPM quality technician in this same company with the aim of integrating the team in connection with supplier quality.

Following the acquisition of Dresser-Rand by Siemens, I did not have the possibility of being hired.

I accepted various temporary assignments but that did not fulfill me.

So I decided to go back to the FAC for 6 months in order to recover at the level in mechanics to start the Master MEEF S2I with the aim of becoming a construction teacher, a subject that I liked a lot more during my schooling.

I did my Master 1, in Alençon and I obtained the CAPLP in mechanical engineering.

Then I performed my Master 2, as a trainee teacher at the FAC de Caen and at the Lycée Paul Cornu, in Lisieux.

After my tenure, I was transferred to the Academy of Versailles as professor of mechanical engineering.

I obtained my transfer after 1 year in the Rouen academy where I found myself assigned to the Jules Siegfried high school in Le Havre.

After three years, I decided to leave national education because my job was not in line with my expectations. Back to the world of industry!

I found a CDI at Mallard SA (machining company) as a milling machine, CDI that I abandoned due to family reunification, and it was while doing my research around Caen that I was lucky enough to find this job at Calip Competences.

What are your missions at CALIP Competences?

My missions at Calip Competences are numerous and revolve around the training. I am in particular responsible for:

  • Create Calip Skills catalog and training plan
  • Implement educational resources and create training modules that meet the needs of Calip in order to develop the skills of learners
  • Create training modules to obtain the CQPM operator-adjuster which was created to meet the needs of the employment pool.
  • Set up a skills assessment process
  • Coordinate the teaching team
  • Promote the training offer (exhibition, open house…)

What do you like the most in your job?

I am extremely happy to have integrated Calip Skills because my duties allow me to put the knowledge amassed to good use during my career while performing new tasks in which I learn every day. All this in good humor and kindness, which is essential for me!

The whole team is very happy to welcome Thomas to the CALIP Normandie site.

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