The alliance

CALIP Group is the shareholding alliance of two industrial COMPANIES specializing in precision mechanics: CAP Group and MGF Grimaldi.

Created in 2014 to meet the requirements of major contractors in all industrial sectors: aeronautics, automotive, defense, medical and robotics, CALIP Group pools the know-how of 300 employees and the production force of 3 factories spread over 2 countries : France and Romania. It is the taking into account of the complete management of manufacturing, by integrating Lean management into our processes, innovative processes and the management of the supply chain for surface treatments and painting, which makes the company evolve. '' from a simple machining subcontractor to a series production contractor for complex parts.

Our 3 production sites

Moult CAEN

Located in Calvados, in Normandy and inaugurated in 2019, the factory CALIP Normandie Profilé of 8200m² integrates industrial management oriented 4.0. CALIP Normandie Profilé specializes in:

  • Die cast and machined aluminium electronic casing for the defense and aeronautics sectors
  • mechanical parts of sets and medical, robotic and aeronautical sub-sets
  • precision machining of long aluminum profile
  • design of mechanical parts integrating friction stir welding: FSW
  • stretch forming
  • intermediate heat treatments


Located in the Rhône-Alpes, the factory CALIP Rhône Alpes of 2500 m² specializes in the production of high value-added parts (complex geometries, precision, special processes in assembly and gluing) in all materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, carbon…).

  • Precision machining dedicated to Prototyping 
  • Robotic 4 and 5 axis turning
  • Robotic 5-axis milling

Grey assembly room of 120 m² with management of special processes by bonding, crimping, screwing, adhesive bonding, etc.


Located in Romania, the factory CALIP Romania specializes in:

  • machining of aluminum profiles
  • turning and bar turning in small and medium series in all materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.).
  • Milling of aluminum mechanical parts for the robotics and electrical sectors.
Calip Normandy

CALIP Rhône Alpes

CALIP Romania

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