CALIP Group integrates a Design Office

Laurent Plath-bureau d'étude CALIP Group

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CALIP Group has made the strategic choice to design a Design Office capable of managing the projects of manufacturers and mechanical equipment suppliers. From the specifications to the delivery of the part, we integrate all the activities of a Design Office: drawing, design, validation by calculations and industrialization of parts.

CALIP Group thus passes from the rank of machinist to that of mechanical equipment supplier. 


Composition of the CALIP Group Design Office:

Laurent Plath is the new Technical Director of this BE prototypes, industrialization and innovation. Used to working with equipment manufacturers and manufacturers, he manages the interface with our international customers. Its team is made up of CAD designers and technicians in connection with our R&D department, including an R&D engineer and a doctorate in mechanics.

Until now, CALIP Group was mainly recognized for its expertise in precision machining and its skills in working with profiles. Customers approached us to produce parts already designed with an already established manufacturing process. Gold, thanks to our mastery of innovative techniques, we offer less expensive part designs, while offering better mechanical characteristics.

Laurent Plath

New development perspectives:

A first battery pack project on behalf of an electric car manufacturer is being industrialized and a second hydrogen pack project for an automotive supplier is under study.

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