The 2 CALIP Normandie legal entities have merged

vue aérienne CALIP Normandie

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The two CALIP Normandie legal entities have merged since July. A merger which results in the bringing together by the end of the year 2021 of all our human and material resources on a single site: that of Moult.

This pooling of our means of production appears as a logical continuation in the implementation of place of our industrial project to be recognized as an innovative mechanical equipment supplier.

The 4.0-oriented industrial organization of our Moult factory perfectly meets the requirements of major clients in the mechanical industry. and will allow us from 2022 to offer more flexibility and responsiveness to our customers.

This new organization will be accompanied by the first major changes:

  • The development of a design office dedicated to design
  • The structuring of an R&D Innovation department
  • The integration of robotization in our processes
  • The creation of a specialized training center
  • The creation of a "prototypes" pole
  • The establishment of a new exhibition space for our achievements

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